Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake

When it comes to indulgent and satisfying milkshakes, Five Guys is a name that stands out. Known for their rich, creamy, and customizable shakes, Five Guys has a reputation for delivering quality and flavor with every sip.

Among their diverse selection, the Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake holds a special place for many fans. This delightful treat combines the classic, sweet taste of ripe strawberries with the signature creaminess that Five Guys is famous for.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of their shakes or a first-time visitor, the Strawberry Milkshake is sure to impress and satisfy your cravings.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into what makes the Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake a must-try, from its ingredients and preparation to its taste, nutritional information, and more.

Ingredients and Preparation of the Strawberry Milkshake

Vanilla Ice CreamThe base of the milkshake, providing a rich and creamy texture.
Fresh StrawberriesHand-selected ripe strawberries for a burst of natural sweetness and vibrant flavor.
Strawberry SyrupAdds an extra layer of strawberry flavor, enhancing the overall taste.
Whole MilkUsed to achieve the perfect consistency, balancing thickness and drinkability.
Whipped Cream (optional)A topping option for added creaminess and a touch of elegance.
Crushed Ice (optional)Can be added for a slightly thicker texture and a colder, refreshing experience.

Preparation Steps:

  1. Combine Ingredients:
    • Start with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.
    • Add a handful of fresh strawberries.
    • Pour in a measured amount of strawberry syrup.
    • Add a splash of whole milk to achieve the desired consistency.
  2. Blend:
    • Place all ingredients in a blender.
    • Blend until smooth and creamy, ensuring the strawberries are well incorporated.
  3. Serve:
    • Pour the blended mixture into a tall glass.
    • Optionally, top with a swirl of whipped cream for added richness.
    • Add crushed ice if a thicker, colder shake is preferred.
  4. Enjoy:
    • Serve immediately to enjoy the fresh, creamy, and delicious strawberry flavor.

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Nutritional Information

NutrientAmount per Serving (16 oz)
Total Fat33g
– Saturated Fat20g
– Trans Fat1g
Total Carbohydrates80g
– Dietary Fiber2g
– Sugars70g
Vitamin A20% DV
Vitamin C30% DV
Calcium40% DV
Iron2% DV


  • Serving Size: The nutritional values are based on a standard serving size of 16 ounces.
  • Caloric Content: The high caloric content is primarily due to the ice cream and strawberry syrup.
  • Fat and Cholesterol: Significant portions come from the ice cream, contributing to the creamy texture.
  • Sugars: The sugars are naturally occurring from the strawberries and added from the syrup.
  • Protein and Calcium: The milk and ice cream contribute to the protein and calcium content, making it a somewhat nutritious treat.

Comparing with Other Flavors

FlavorKey IngredientsTaste ProfileNutritional Highlights
Strawberry MilkshakeVanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, strawberry syrup, whole milkSweet and fruity with a creamy texture. Refreshing and light with natural strawberry flavor.670 calories, 33g fat, 70g sugars, 12g protein
Chocolate MilkshakeVanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whole milkRich and decadent with a strong chocolate flavor. Creamy and satisfying.700 calories, 35g fat, 80g sugars, 13g protein
Oreo MilkshakeVanilla ice cream, crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate syrup, whole milkSweet and crunchy with a chocolatey cookie flavor. A blend of creamy and chunky textures.740 calories, 37g fat, 85g sugars, 14g protein
Vanilla MilkshakeVanilla ice cream, vanilla extract, whole milkClassic and simple with a smooth, creamy vanilla flavor.650 calories, 32g fat, 65g sugars, 12g protein
Peanut Butter MilkshakeVanilla ice cream, peanut butter, whole milkNutty and rich with a creamy texture. A perfect balance of sweet and savory.720 calories, 38g fat, 75g sugars, 15g protein
Banana MilkshakeVanilla ice cream, fresh bananas, whole milkSweet and fruity with a natural banana flavor. Creamy and smooth.680 calories, 34g fat, 68g sugars, 13g protein
Coffee MilkshakeVanilla ice cream, coffee syrup, whole milkBold and smooth with a rich coffee flavor. Creamy and slightly bitter.690 calories, 34g fat, 70g sugars, 13g protein


The Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake is a delightful treat that perfectly balances the sweet, natural flavor of fresh strawberries with the creamy richness of vanilla ice cream.

Its appeal lies not only in its taste but also in its customizable nature, allowing each customer to tailor it to their own preferences.

Compared to other flavors, the Strawberry Milkshake offers a refreshing and fruity option that stands out among more traditional choices like chocolate and vanilla.

With its high-quality ingredients and meticulous preparation, this milkshake is a testament to Five Guys’ commitment to providing exceptional and indulgent beverages.

Whether you’re a milkshake aficionado or simply looking for a delicious way to cool down, the Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake is a must-try experience that promises satisfaction with every sip.

Frequently Asked Questions about Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake

What ingredients are used in the Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake?

The Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake is made with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, strawberry syrup, and whole milk. Optional additions include whipped cream and crushed ice for added texture and creaminess.

Can I customize my Strawberry Milkshake at Five Guys?

Yes, Five Guys allows for a variety of customizations. You can add toppings like whipped cream, extra strawberries, or even mix in other flavors such as chocolate or peanut butter to create a unique shake tailored to your taste.

How does the Strawberry Milkshake compare nutritionally to other flavors?

The Strawberry Milkshake contains approximately 670 calories, 33g of fat, 70g of sugars, and 12g of protein per 16 oz serving. Nutritionally, it is similar to other flavors, though specific values may vary slightly depending on the ingredients used.

Is the Strawberry Milkshake suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

The Strawberry Milkshake contains dairy and is not suitable for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy. Additionally, it contains a significant amount of sugar, which may not be suitable for individuals with certain dietary restrictions or diabetes.

How can I order the Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake?

You can order the Strawberry Milkshake at any Five Guys location either in-store, through their online ordering system, or via delivery services that partner with Five Guys. Be sure to check for any available customization options to enhance your milkshake experience.

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